About the Author


reader. writer. editor. traveler. captain of sinking ships. animal lover. vegetarian. cupcake eater. feminist. capture the flag aficionado. traveler. dreamer.

California expat and Seattle resident Ashley Schwellenbach is all of these things and a few more, besides. She's been known to wear knit sweaters adorned in cats and hearts, stage elaborate photo shoots, once bought a very pink dollhouse for her cat, has been accused of suffering from hypergraphia, and curses fluently (but prefers to keep the "bad words" to a minimum in her fiction).

In her “spare time” she travels the world, volunteers with her local humane society, reads, and arbitrates disagreements between her two cats and tripawd xoloitzcuintli, which is a breed also known as the Mexican hairless and impossibly long answer to the question, “What type of dog is he?”

She blogs at www.janeeyrelikescupcakes.wordpress.com, works daily on her fourth book, and dreams nightly about the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and sometimes beyond. She overuses em dashes, takes pride in refusing to settle into responsible adulthood, and is always up for a game of kick the can or capture the flag.

And, perhaps most importantly, she considers writing the greatest privilege in the world and—despite her penchant for whimsical absurdities—packs as much social, political, and religious satire into her work as common decency allows.