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The Wheel Diver is printed in hardcover by the highly respected Oddi Printing of Reykjavik, Iceland. Oddi Printing is known for producing books that bibliophiles can’t help but touch, smell, and possibly even taste.

The hardcover novel features original illustrations by Portland-based artist Michael Arras and design by genius art god Mignon Khargie (who would most certainly object to this characterization despite its accuracy).

The Wheel Diver's first print run was successfully funded through a three-week Kickstarter project that raised $3,031. After all the Kickstarter backers have received their copies of the book and sweet, sweet swag (depicted below), books, t-shirts, tote bags, and audiobooks will be on sale through this site (likely sometime in July).

A special thank you to the following supporters for making this print run a reality (you studly patrons of the arts):

Leslie McGuire                                                            Joel Schwellenbach                                                           Whitney Clegg Ryan Rigley                                                                    Teagan Chapman                                                       Michael Wangbelt Lareina Gamboa                                                            Megan Campbell                                                                   Alicia Junk Kristi Deckard                                                                  Amber Kiwan                                                                 Brandon Zahn Ashley Warbus                                                                 Acacia Krebs                                                              Andrew Hansen Elyssa Tappero                                                                 Diane Elkins                                                                    Jessica Pena Ryan Miller                                                                        Eva Lipson                                                                           Pat Rigley Colin Rigley                                                                     Russell Muits                                                                  Myke Okuhara Alice Ann Hermanson                                                   Jennifer Mosman                                                                         Athena Jane Kennedy                                                                 Rob Harshman                                                                   Fay Wenger Mignon Khargie                                                             Christopher Filiato                                                                Sean Ottey Jeremy Thomas



Sweet swag tote bag

As Winston Churchill once said, "The noble canvas tote bag is nothing less than the pillar of civilized society. And darn useful for carrying one's personal effects." This particular canvas tote bag features a drop cap illustration from Chapter 6 of The Wheel Diver, and will come in handy for carrying your copy of the book as well as all the other swag you get from contributing to the campaign. 

sweet swag original jewelry

Artist Jeana Rushton of The Fox and Stone designed four original pieces of jewelry inspired by the kila doons in The Wheel Diver. Wheel warriors skate on stunning tracks made from precious stones, and these same stones were featured in the design of these original pieces, available only to those who subscribe to the Kickstarter campaign for The Wheel Diver. High-end backers will have their choice of opal rose gold stack rings, malachite and silver earrings, an obsidian and silver necklace, or a coffee moonstone and rose gold bracelet.



sweet swag art print

Even the best of books is made richer by the presence of quality illustrations, and the twenty-one drop cap illustrations created by Portland-based artist Michael Arras greatly enrich the book. Depending on which tier you contribute to on Kickstarter, you could receive art prints of three, five, seven, or all twenty-one illustrations. 

Pictured is Tupã the chinchilla from the very first chapter of The Wheel Diver

SWEET SWAG t-shirt

The very same t-shirt the Wheel Diver wore when paddling the great River is now up for grabs to any mere mortal willing to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign to get the book published in hardcover. The Girl acquired the shirt from a line of offering after trading a tribe for wheels. Unbeknownst to the Girl, the image on the front of the shirt was the tribe's mascot depicting a nunchuk-wielding octopus wearing roller skates.